Power and gas costs have recently increased across most of Australia. 

Here are five easy and proven tips to drastically cut your energy costs that we can help you with. 

The biggest energy user in most homes and businesses is heating and cooling. That’s why my first two recommendations address these areas.

1) Switch to Low Wattage Heaters

Heat mats and heated throw rugs use a fraction of the power room or space heaters. Quality heated throws and electric blankets work using a similar principle. Rather than trying to heat all the air around you – they heat you directly. Doing so is more comfortable, quieter, and uses way less energy.

2) Upgrade to Energy Efficient Fans

A simple ceiling fan can reduce the need to turn on the air conditioning for much of the day. Multiply that through the year, and you could save hundreds of hours of running a much more expensive air conditioner. A typical split system air conditioner uses about 100 times more power than a DC ceiling fan. 

3) Monitor Your Electricity Usage

There are many ways to monitor your power usage, with probably the most popular PowerPal. Energy monitors don’t save energy directly, but they help you identify your biggest energy guzzlers and other issues. Studies have shown that installing an electricity monitor results in energy savings of between 5% and 40%.

4) Change Your Lights to LED

Many homes still use dozens of halogen downlight using 50 watts each which can really increase your energy costs. LED lights use 5-20% of the power of their equivalent in a traditional light. 

Commercial properties (where lighting can be a major expense) now have many options available for low-energy lighting, such as LED fluro tubes, panel lights and floodlights. 

5) Get Three Quotes For Solar

Solar power is now more affordable than ever, but many dodgy operators are still around. We recommend the Solar Quotes website to get three obligation-free quotes from pre-vetted suppliers. You can now also use their website for commercial solar systems, electric vehicle chargers, and more. Just enter your postcode and follow the prompts.

Tucker Wired can help you with all these cost-saving ideas and would be happy to help.

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